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ÚĽUV’s New Gallery

Opening the ULUV´s GalleryÚĽUV Gallery presents opportunities for the organized display of folk art production. It is situated on the first floor of the Centre for Folk Art Production’s complex on Obchodná Street 64 in Bratislava. The new exhibition areas together with the first exhibition devoted to bobbin lace was ceremoniously opened in the evening of September 4, 2004 by the President of the Slovak Republic. Owing to the location of the Gallery in close proximity to the Court of Crafts and ÚĽUV’s shop, this complete complex has gained a new dimension. The activity of ÚĽUV’s Gallery is focused on demonstrating folk art production by presenting specific knowledge about materials, techniques, technology, regional variations and similar on one hand, as well as artistic value, the artistic level of the products and harmony of shapes on the other. The Gallery provides a space for accessing the work of current producers as well as documenting those features of Slovak folk culture which are related in some way with current production. Part of the Gallery is designed as a conference room with multimedia presentations available (video, audio, PC and DVD). ÚĽUV’s Gallery also addresses young visitors using interactive computer programmes. This multimedia will allow searches for a large volume of linked and related knowledge on folk art production and crafts, materials, techniques, technologies, significant personalities of folk art production, territorial distribution, and their place in folk culture. It also contains information on specialist literature. The first exhibition entitled The World According to Threads - Bobbin Lace from the Creations of ÚĽUV (1950 - 2004) is a promise of the high standard of the installation, attractiveness, colourfulness and attraction of the exhibitions.




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