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Ornaments From Paper

Hanging decorations with cut-outs, ULUV 1978Cut-outs from paper are not very well known as a nearly-forgotten artistic depiction of folk art. In the folk interior they were used to decorate beams, walls, picture frames and shelves, where they were usually hung during Easter, Christmas and other celebrations. The beginnings of rise and spread of cut-outs in Slovakia are unknown. It can be presumed that they started to appear in the middle of the nineteenth century. Decorating walls with cut-outs was more common in northeast Slovakia, in the area famous for its wooden architecture. The basic shape of Slovak cut-outs is circular or striped. After 1950 square shapes also started to appear. Slovak cut-outs are only known as a geometric ornament. Very rarely there are plant ornaments, while the use of figures has not been noted in traditional creation. The Centre of Folk Art Production (ULUV) in Bratislava connected to this tradition by creating greetings and hanging decorations.




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