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Katarína Čierna: INSITA 2004, 7th Annual Triennials of Naive Art

Peter Dunaj-Spily (Slovakia): The poem, 2003More than 400 works of 82 artists from 20 countries were presented at the art exhibition of people who create their artistic expression without a prior art education or communication with the professional art world. The event was prepared by the Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava. This year’s Insita introduces in a monographic exhibition the winners of Grand Prix Insita 2000 – 2001 (Serbian expressive sculptor Milan Stanisavljevic, and Kiymet Benity Bock, a Turkish painter living in Germany). The exhibition Faces and Figures presents the works of thirty significant and world-known personalities. The beauty that arises from the original and first imagination is reflected in the collections of four artists in memoriam who played an important part in the art of the twentieth century - Siebe Wiemer Glastro (The Netherlands), Zbyněk Semerák (Czech Republic), Yeshayahu Scheinfeld (Israel), and Chico da Silva (Brazil). Part of the large Insita project is also the confrontational competitive exhibition between 34 contemporary artists. The international jury awarded the Grand Prix Insita 2004 to Vasilij Tichonovič Romanenko. An honourable award was presented to: Michael Hall (Germany), Jean-Pierre Nadau (France), Heide de Bruyne (Belgium), Roy Wenzel (The Netherlands). The last segment of the structure of Insita 2004 is monographic exhibition of the famous Slovak naïve artist Ondrej Šteberlo. Insita 2004 will last until 3 October 2004.




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