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Eva Trilecová: The Magic of Dan Piršč’s Porcelain

Dan Piršč: The vase Filigran, height 40 cmDan Piršč (1966) is fascinated by design. He studied at the Artistic and Industrial University in Prague during 1986 – 1994, and for the following two years he worked as a technical assistant. He lives in Mikulov in Moravia and designs porcelain solitaires, utilitarian and decorative porcelain. He creates porcelain with a gracious shape, attractive surface, mystery and inbuilt humour. His designs are used for manufacturing. He has cooperated with many porcelain factories, especially with the Loučky porcelain factory. He has exhibited many times at individual as well as collective exhibitions in both the Czech Republic and abroad. The need to work with material was the inspiration behind his decision to make his own work – a porcelain workshop, and provide this experience for others. Dan Piršč’s porcelain workshop is interesting with its supraregional character and huge potential for Mikulov and its region. The porcelain workshop cooperates with the international symposium that has been taking place in this city for more than a decade.




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