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Viera Kleinová: New Traditions (Slovak Utilitarian Art and Design in Vienna)

Works at the exhibition New traditionsThis selection of current Slovak utilitarian art and design under the name New Traditions, opening 11 May, 2004 in Vienna, was prepared by the Centre of Folk Art Production. Fourteen Slovak designers, artists and craftsmen whose works have been presented in the Design Studio of ÚĽUV for several years were presented to an Austrian audience for the first time. The exhibition takes place in cooperation with the Austrian company Österreichische Werkstätten. The works are mainly of the starting generation of design, orientated to changes in crafts, the use of old techniques and natural materials. The table and interior accessories as well as furniture made from wood, metal and willow are by Miro Mládenek, Tibor Uhrín, Šimon Mišurda, Etela Lučová and Silvia Jokelová, jewels are by Daniela Mládenková and Marianna Boldišová, handbags by Noémi Kolčáková-Szakállová, glass by Patrik Illo, Ivica Markovičová, Marika Berkyová and Andrea Lachová, textile by Alžbeta Burianová, and ceramics by Daniel Lichard. The exhibition remains open till 3 July 2004.




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