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Viera Kleinová: craft/ design/ textile 2

Basket by Silvia MrázikováThe selection from the creations of the Textile Design Studio of the University of Fine Arts in Bratislava, led by academic painter Silvia Fedorová, aims at mapping out the use of traditional craft techniques, procedures and materials. Four students represent the Textile Design Studio at ÚĽUV’s Design Studio. The three female students L. Suchárová, S. Mráziková and B. Suchlová are linked through the use of the same natural material and also the implementation of their designs using traditional craft techniques: either textile or basket making. Marcel Holubec has prepared a series of T-shirts and jewellery where he light-heartedly and with a touch of parody has fun with the notion of a jewel as a synonym for something precious, valuable and unique.




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