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Soňa Pavuková: Saltshakers

Wooden two part saltshaker,The oldest types of wooden saltshakers were created by hollowing out a vessel from a branch or small piece of wood. Saltshakers decorated by carving and firing date from the last third of the nineteenth century. The variation in the decoration of the higher rear piece of saltshakers is very interesting to note. In order to preserve the contents, the saltshakers were closed. The lid was attached either by a bolt, hinges so it could be screwed on, slid in, or simply just placed on top. When classifying saltshakers according to the material used, horn is an interesting finding: cow or bull horns were used. Through the new urban culture, small one- or two-part saltshakers made from enamel, stone, porcelain, brass or glass appeared in the twentieth century. The basic difference is that these were factory-produced products sold in stores. They are part of kitchenware, usually hung on the wall or formed part of dinner services. The revitalisation of crafts brought about a continuous endeavour to enliven traditional wooden kitchen utensils along with modern materials.




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