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Silvia Fedorová: Talents 1993 – 2003 (+ 2004)

View to the galerie Veža (Tower)This exhibition, which featured 23 participants in an international exhibition for young creators under 30 entitled “Talent” in Munich from 1993 to 2004, has opened in the new Gallery Veža (Tower) in Bratislava. The exhibition area was created from the reconstruction of a former wire factory. The imprints from the former user, which were left there on purpose, have created a unique but very demanding area for presenting fine art. Several artists, currently renowned creators – glass makers Oliver Leššo, Patrik Illo, Palo Macho, jewellery makers Jana Machatová, Sylvia Jokelová, Ján Sajkala, Matúš Cepka, designers Miroslav Mládenek, Marián Ihring, Rasťo Čeleďa, Etela Lučová, and textile artists Ildikó Dobešová, Adriana Poláková, Blanka Cepková are presenting their works at this exhibition. This snapshot of the current state of utilitarian art was supplemented with work from less well known or freshmen authors. Munich’s Talent exhibition attracts the attention of the specialist public from all over Europe. The young artists who participated in the international confrontation at the Munich exhibition were mostly students or young graduates from Bratislava’s University of Fine Arts. This exhibition of the work of Slovak authors who participated in Talent between 1993 and 2004 wants not only to present these authors to our public but also to demonstrate the fact that a new generation of artists formed after November 1989. Although many of them have started their own successful artistic career, their works are not well known to the general public. The opportunity for mutual confrontation at regular exhibitions is currently lacking.




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