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Eva Trilecová: Enjoying coffee with Ivica Markovičová

Cups by Ivica Markovičová, porcelainIvica Markovičová divides her time among ceramics, glass and porcelain. The topic of the table setting opens up possibilities for cultivating a new lifestyle. From 1984 to 1988 she studied in the Ceramics Department at the Secondary Art and Industrial School in Košice. In 1995 she completed her studies at the Glass Studio of the University of Fine Arts in Bratislava. In 1997 she participated in a stay at Cite Internationale des Arts in Paris. She has had exhibitions in Slovakia, France, Turkey and others. Her creations are part of collections in the USA, Austria, Germany, France and Hong-Kong, and you can also find her work in private collections and for sale in galleries in Bratislava and Prague. Markovičová creates ceramic production by casting it into a form. She works with compact that justify the shape. The colours of her ceramic products as well as glass objects are glossy clear and stand out. The colour scale is intense – colour is a very strong and expressive phenomenon for the author: “colour is happiness for life in this shape”. The scale of the intense red colour of her cups, saucers and vessels is captivating. Using this colour in any sphere of art is most certainly complex as shades of red have their own lives and, in the end, can surprise you by their very nature. The shaped cup she uses features a geometrical square base with a typical square cup and saucer. She has been experimenting for a long time with softer, oval-shaped forms with gold rims and ears. Glass is another form of expression for Markovičová. Bowls, objects and tables show glass as a mass without boundaries. The circular areas of her glass table are colourfully dazzling; they resemble free objects by the author but stand on stainless steel legs. The author also experiments with porcelain. The minimalism of the shape as well as the surface of her cups and bowls feature a geometric shape unburdened by trends or the latest fashions. Simply, it is everlasting and free.




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