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Xénia Lettrichová: Like a Good Perfume

DressMichaela Trizuljaková is one of a group of artists who through her art helped establish clothes design as an artistic discipline during the 1980s in Slovakia. From the beginning, she created precise, authentic and significant clothing. All her work has always featured clear lines, character, and its own well-recognizable and style independent of contemporary trend. She uses an old principle in her art work - connecting and layering. The base is a machine-knit layer that is not modelled and only minimally shaped. She then connects the individual parts. She does not use buttons, zips or folds and she only produces universal sizes. She operates with structures, construction and layering, she connects transparency and space. She does not embrace the body but rather covers it in motion – like a good perfume. She herself treats the materials and threads, and this gives her the wide range of tones and endless combinations. The parallel and artistic layering of works from paper, installations and clothing are represented by clothing art objects created from alternative materials; in the beginning she used plastic but, later on, mainly paper. In reality it is theatrical costume, and its great advantage is the possibility to freely express its shape and formality by limiting its usability. And this is just a small step towards theatre costume: she has designed and implemented costumes and scenes at, for example, the national theatres in Bratislava and Prague.




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