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Tibor Galgóczy: Bone and Jewel

Bone rings by Tibor GalgóczyThe processing of bones occurred only sporadically in the traditional culture on our territory. The closest to it were shepherds, who processed mainly keratin from animal materials. The sheep grazing area of south-east Slovakia and the bordering Hungarian region were similar in culture due to the related character of their work. Tibor Galgóczy is a master of folk art production in the field of keratin processing as well as author of the article. He comes from Zemplín, and the cultural closeness of the border region is well known to him. He shows bone processing according to his personal experience and products. When during the 19th Century the cheap American-made Rostock watches arrived in Europe, shepherds on the lowlands produced chains from bone elements connected with keratin in order to copy the rich noblemen who wore expensive watches with gold chains. T. Galgóczy was inspired by this in his current production of chains and pendants.




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