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Monika Škvarnová: Statues of wire by Ladislav Jurovatý Senior

Tinker madonna, 1976Ladislav Jurovatý is one of the first artists and craftsmen in Slovakia whose works are directly connected to the original domestic cultural phenomenon –tinker’s trade. The author injects his qualities into the craft and artistic creations (as well as in combination with processed metal). He discovered specific shaping, expression and the technological possibilities of wire and brought attention to its never-ending changes and variations. In his tinker’s beginnings in the 1960s, Ladislav Jurovatý focused on studying historical products and consulted with old, retired craftsmen. A decade later he wove his first statues. Their expressions were taken from the roots of folk art. Wire woven Madonna’s, princesses or brides are marked with significant stylization from an early age. In his later works from the 1980s and beginning of the 1990s, he used more demanding ornamental elements, for example for expressing regional clothing specifics. He continually replaced stylization in the tinker creation with his unique, realistic view. The principles of creating his works are close to classical statues (by forming clothing, etc,), which suppresses the optical illusion of transparency and free wire flow. In his latest works he has tried to individualize faces. His works can be found in many private collections as well as state institution collections at home as well as abroad (in Europe and the USA). He hands down his experience to students of industrial design and his sons and grandson continue directly with this tradition.




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