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Martin Mešša: Leather on the Market

Small bags, design by Anna Menkynová,Jiří Halámek, master of folk art production in processing leather, was introduced to the folk craft, art and leather in his grandparents’ home. His grandfather was a master shoemaker, well known for making the boots accompanying costumes. However, he died very young and did not directly pass on his experience. What remained was an inclination towards the leather craft and, most importantly, the tools in his workshop. This later led J. Halámek to start production from leather. Several masters trained him for this craft. The most influential was Ján Krepop, who motivated him to produce belts and bags for ÚĽUV. Later he was certificated as a bag and belt creator. He has been devoted to it for 13 years. He creates a variety of products depending on market demand such as hunter bags, various covers, a small series of cases for weapons, smaller and bigger bags, wallets and pouches etc. Even though he is not devoted to classical folk belt production, he uses many of its techniques and expressions. He sews his products with a small belt, by hand with a needle as well as on a shoe sewing machine, depending on the product. He uses the technique of stamping, knitting leather threads, decorative stitch, or he carves and chops the leather. Many patterns were designed for him by ÚĽUV artist J. Menkynová. The designs are given to him firstly as a drawing, but the final shape is produced under joint cooperation. In this way many interesting wallets and bags such as archaic pouches were created with the young designer Anna Menkynová.




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