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Adriana Čeleďová: Stories at metal and stone

Daniel Brunovský: Cupboards, 2003Daniel Brunovský (1959) is not a typical representative of the jeweller’s school, rather he is a painter. Jewellery is only one of many topics he uses in his artistic creations. He studied at the University of Fine Arts in Bratislava in the department of monumental painting under professors J. Kresila, I. Vychlopeň and E. Lehotská. In addition to these studies, his artistic family background also played an important role. His creations were strongly influenced by a study trip to the Academia di Belle Arti in Rome. Brunovský’s jewellery is fragments of ideas in his paintings, materialized into a three-dimensional object, taken away from the canvas and created by a masterly artistic and crafting process. Similarly to his paintings, jewellery also features figural motifs. The surface finish of Brunovský’s jewellery - patina, leads to the atmosphere of an “aged object”, an object carrying its weight in history. The use of colours, coloured metal and precious stones is another level in Brunovský’s jewellery creations. His furniture comes from a similar creative intention but is realised in a different artistic form. He designs non-classical furniture, solitaire pieces created with great attention to detail, similar to his jewel creation. Mirrors placed in copper-tinkered frames could be compared to a small brooch if they were smaller sized. The metal parts of the furniture give the impression of an ornamental element. Viera Brunovská (1968) is known for her jewel creations, which she has shown at many exhibitions at home as well as abroad. She studied at the secondary art industrial school in the goldsmith’s department. The school provided her with a variety of classical craft techniques (engraving, enamelling and setting stones), which the artist uses to the full extent in her creation of an artistic jewel.




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