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Tibor Uhrín: Material you don’t count on

The coaster of pine roots made by Štefan Ondrovič, 2000.The article describes material seldom used nowadays – tree roots. Thin and long, roots are often extraordinarily elastic. Weaving from roots is not only characteristic for our territory. Roots from pine tree and acacia were used in Western Slovakia in the curve of the Carpathian mountain range, and from spruce and fir trees mainly in northeast Slovakia. Probably the only artisan currently interested in roots and processing them into baskets is Štefan Ondrovič from Rohožník. Roots were also used to tie split bent splints for making sieves. Similarly, they can be used to make boxes from splint bent raw wood. There are many methods of joining using either whole roots, roots cut in half, or flat little splints. Smaller and shorter roots are also suitable for this type of a work, and therefore other tree roots can also be used such as birch, hornbeam, and hawthorn... The characteristics of roots offer many opportunities for a variety of uses. Without doubt, they can find opportunities in the current art and craft scene, especially in the hands of creative craftsmen and designers. A modest material you don’t count on.




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