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Shapes of earth – shapes of art

Boris Katz: The nest. 2003.Vyšné Ružbachy municipality, 2 – 27 September, symposium arena Tatra Gallery, Poprad, 24 October – 9 December  Concept authors: Anna Ondrušeková (Slovakia), Tanya Sternson (Israel) During this year’s symposium there was an opportunity to view the creations of eight artists from two culturally different countries – Slovakia and Israel. Both participating countries initiated several changes regarding the concept of this creative meeting in Vyšné Ružbachy. The fact that the status of the statue symposium (held annually since 1964 with breaks from 1990-1996) was transformed into an artistic one caused many questions on changes to this tradition. Since the beginning, many participating artists with their diverse artistic opinions requested a more sophisticated selection of the main topic, which finally happened. Shapes of Earth – Shapes of Art was understood by the majority of those participating as a challenge for the direct confrontation of their artistic intentions within the environment of the symposium arena. The topic evoked the onset of civilization, the human impact on nature and imprints of human existence on it. The mutual contrast is shown by travertine sculptures of the participating sculptors. This was not only their placement but mainly the fundamental idea behind their works.




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