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Viera Kleinová: Old textile techniques

The fundamental topic of the presentation in the Design Studio of ÚĽUV by the Atelier of Free Textile Creation Studio of Bratislava’s University of Fine Arts under the leadership of Dr. Eva Cisárová-Mináriková were historic textile (and to a certain extent also non-textile) techniques and their transformation into the language of current textile creation. The focus was on the processes used in the domestic environment – in secular and sacral textile, with special detail on folk craft techniques – using various methods of processing textile including basket making and tinker’s trade. The characteristic of the study at the Department of Free Textile Creation is the disposition to precise and targeted experience and using the potential of historical art and folk craft. Members of the atelier experience the theoretical as well as practical learning of historical textile techniques, which they experience through direct communication with folk masters (workshops, study trips), visits to deposits and collections in museums as well as private collectors. Part of the training includes a course on restoring textiles.




Further articles in the magazine Craft, Art, Design 02/2003:


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