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Viera Kleinová: Biologisms

Daniela Mládenková: The broochDaniela Mládenková (1974), a member of the new jewellery-making generation and graduate of the Jewellery Department of the University of Fine Arts in Bratislava, presented her creations under this name in May and June in the ÚĽUV Design Studio. She presented rings, brooches, jewel boxes and small objects that can fit in your hand. She is unique in using various natural elements – starting with plant produce, seed pod, through sand, stones, and even including wasp’s nests or quail’s eggs. The dominant group in the exhibition were brooches where natural objects were connected with metal. The metal hand objects are designed to be relaxation toys with mechanisms allowing them to be squeezed.




Further articles in the magazine Craft, Art, Design 02/2003:


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