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Ľubica Pavlovičová: Everything about a woman

The handbag. Plastic, plate, 1996.Jana Černá-Korkošová (1954) graduated in sculpture from the University of Fine Arts in Bratislava. After finishing her studies, she also started to devote time to creating ceramics along with sculpture (cast zinc and bronze sculptures by author). At the time jewels and clothing designs stopped being only exhibition presentations, she also became interested in other materials – wood, textile, glass and silver. For example, she used a ceramic oven to create a series of glass jewels and smaller objects, into which she inserts metals (copper wires, old metal locks...) or jewels made by combining wood and silver, or wood and textile. In her current jewellery production, she transforms older objects into new shapes. A new harmony is created by connecting things originally used for other purposes (parts of handbags, jewels, decorative bowls, watches...), by separating them, composing them, and further processing (refining, polishing, bending, etching) to the final shape. Her collections of necklaces, brooches, earrings and cufflinks are usually of a compact character thanks to the motives used and unifying details. A special part of her creations are bags – objects.




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