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Daša Ferklová: Glass presses

The glass press from Detva, central SlovakiaThe production of glass has a rich tradition in Slovakia. Older glass works were mainly oriented to the production of common flat glass. Glass works established later also produced hollow glass. In the 18th and 19th Century blown hollow glass was also produced for general use. Glass products penetrated the folk environment more significantly only at the end of 19th Century, when the production of glass was significantly mechanized and the price of final products was lowered. One of the interesting glass objects which has nearly been forgotten is the glass press, which was used in the folk world to smooth textiles and clothing accessories made of thin materials (laces, embroidery on sleeves, head caps, head scarves and aprons). Solid presses in the form of cylinders and cones were cast in a form and used for cold pressing. Presses in the shape of an upside-down mushroom had a hollow space to contain hot water, and the pressing was done through the pressure of the hot surface of the glass. The objects shown are from the collection of the Slovak National Museum – Ethnographical Museum in Martin.




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