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Miluška Trachtová: Space for a tapestry

Jan T. Strýček: Les. Tkaná tapisériaMoravian goblin manufacture was established at the end of the 19th century by R. Schlattauer. He focused on interior work, cooperating with well-known architects and artists of those times. After the changes in society, the manufacturer became a private company in 1993. Art and craft are tightly bound at a high professional level. However, there was an opportunity to implement a programme that had attracted director J. T. Strýček since the 1980s. A long-term project entitled Actual Textile Art (ATA), which he initiated, is focused on cooperation with the leading contemporary artists. The aim is the free creation of textile work that has the value of original work. During the nine-years of the ATA project, the workshop has managed to create more than 60 free tapestries. Some of them have been bought for private as well as public interiors.




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