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Mária Čelková: Ceramic statue by Vladimír Oravec

Vladimír Oravec: Nad krajinou. Kamenina, 2002.The sculptor Vladimír Oravec (1952) lives and creates in the old mining town of Banská Štiavnica. His creations are influenced by ceramic folk traditions in this area, as well as ambiance of the town with its mining history and folklore, magnificent countryside, and architecture from the Middle Ages. The town has become his permanent inspirational source. Although his domain is ceramic statue, he also creates utilitarian objects. His work is dominated by the world underground, featuring small lizards, newts, rats and imaginary demons. In recent times he has created vessels with motives of Štiavnica architectural monuments on the outside and an originally detailed lid in the shape of dragons, lizards, etc.




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