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Katarína Hubová: Hats and caps to wear?

Júlia Sabová: Cap, 2000In addition to her free creation, Júlia Sabová also teaches at the University of Fine Arts in Bratislava. Hats and caps are only part of her creation. The basic hat shape is made of a felt half-product, from which she always creates a new object by basic modelling of the top (by damp and hot treatment). She sometimes highlights the shape with small details like a button or textile accessory. The basic idea behind the designed shape of her caps is very practical – the cap must fit into a handbag. The folding parts are sewn from soft-piled cloth and wool textile, and they are highlighted with colourful stripes. An interesting part of the collection is caps made from natural felt, which is used as a material in the cellulose processing plant in Ružomberok.




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