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Rings in water 2002, Second year of statewide design competition for craft

Šimon Mišurda: Wire lightingThe competition was organized by ÚLUV (The Centre for Folk Art Production in Bratislava, Slovakia). Professionals and students could enter this public, onymous competition under four categories: clothes and clothing accessories, utilitarian object for everyday life, interior elements, and tradition as an idea. A total of 174 authors entered, submitting 127 individual works and 142 collections. The committee evaluated their work in two rounds; 102 works and collections were chosen for the final round, where the committee selected the winners. The basic criteria for evaluation were the transformation from traditional craft to contemporary design, together with the quality and purity of the craft technique. The competition results will be displayed at the RINGS IN WATER 2002 exhibition in Bratislava between October 10 and November 10. In addition, the competition is aimed at encouraging young designers to cooperate with ÚLUV when creating individual and mass-produced products.




Further articles in the magazine Craft, Art, Design 03/2002:


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