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Oľga Danglová: Fulla and the world of folk art

The picture by Ľudovít FullaThe Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava prepared an exhibition under this title to celebrate the 100th celebration of the birth of Ľudovít Fulla, a significant personality in Slovak modernism. One of the stimuli in Fulla's inspirations was the folk tradition. His portraits and pictures of folk topics often included village men and women dressed in typical costumes. Fulla often supplements the scenes in his pictures with various supportive motifs. These are often wooden houses, barns, fences, livestock, sheep, angels, or a tangible world of objects - grinders, jugs and baskets. Fulla's work is linked to the folk feeling for decoration - he utilizes geometrical motifs of rosettes, crosses, squares, diamonds, waves, triangles, hearts taken from wood carvings and textile décor. Floating, flying figures are a repetitive motif. A similar principle for creating a picture can also be encountered in folk figural depictions. He touches the tradition on several platforms.




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