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Irena Dorotjaková: Traditional production - modern design

Patrik Illo: Wine carafePatrik Illo is a significant personality in the field of glass design (*1973). He has been active in leading the Slovak glass factories in Lednické Rovne as an internal designer. His designs account for nearly 80% of the handmade glass produced in this factory. The philosophy behind Patrik Illo's designs are characterised by the notions of simple, minimal and functional. Along with the utilitarian concept of the object, the author primarily emphasises optical and tactile importance. The author takes into account physical contact with the human body, most often the eyes and hands. Along with drinking glass designs, Patrik Illo is also attracted by free creation. The author always investigates and pushes the possibilities for traditional hand technologies to their limits. Exclusive drinking sets, bowls, carafes, jugs, vases and flacons have simple, elegant shapes but always offer new ideas, charm and liveliness.




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