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Zora Valentová: A fashionable folk costume waistcoat?

Man´s waistcoat from Richvlad, east SlovakiaThese samples of men's folk costumes waistcoats reflect part of the production from ÚĽUV's (Centre for Folk Art Production) folk costume workshop in Bratislava. The workshop tries to preserve all the characteristic signs of the original. A modification that would appeal to the current wearer is, for example, altering the design to make the currently used length of the waistcoat lower in the waist. Previously, most folk costume waistcoats went only up to the waist or perhaps half the length of the chest. The workshop is also adapting to contemporary times in a different direction - if a certain kind of material is unavailable, they substitute it in a way that is in harmony with the result. This example of men's waistcoats also demonstrates the contemporary liveliness of traditional forms.




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