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Xénia Lettrichová: Weaved in rhymes

Marta Bošelová: Smell of woman. A pillow.Clothing as an object of author creation by artists is quite a new phenomenon in Slovakia. Approximately 15 years ago, a group of artists started to concentrate on clothing for their programme, and began presenting it at exhibition events as a full-value artistic discipline. Marta Bošelová, a graduate from the Prague University of Art and Industry, has devoted her talents to textile creations in their various forms since 1981. She used to design utilitarian household textiles, she has created woven textiles and textile space objects, she designed and implemented theatrical costumes, gowns for pedagogical officials from the university in Ružomberok, an altar cloth, and a collection of splendid mass gowns for a church in Liptovské Sliače. She creates her works on her own using an old-fashioned single-bed knitting machine, and with her enthusiasm she searches and experiments with the range of its abilities and possibilities for expression.




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