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Adriena Pekárová: Lace made of plastic

Silvia Fedorová: BraceletsFor over twenty years, the artist Silvia Fedorová has devoted her skills to the creation of textile jewels and textile accessories, made using the traditional techniques of weaving and, primarily, bobbin lacing. At the beginning of 80s, she abandoned free creation to which she was devoted because of a European revival for modern woven tapestry. The natural domain for Silvia Fedorová is bobbin lace. Through her creations, she has contributed to the fact that this ancient technique has currently regained respect as a modern artistic language. Hats are another topic to which she has been successfully turned her talents. She uses traditional materials such as flax, cotton fibre as well as bast and copper wire. In 2002 she started to use another non-traditional material for bobbin lace - plastic bags.




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