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Ester Plicková: Traditional Ceramics - An Evergreen Inspiration

Jugs from Bardejov, East SlovakiaCeramic objects designed for everyday practical use in a traditional rural as well as urban environment would commonly have a specific clear, honest artistic expression in order for their artistic beauty to serve as a source of everlasting stimuli and inspiration from their timeless values. Knowledge about their specific use is still very much alive; however some of the special ceramic collections are gradually falling into oblivion and their practical function is becoming more and more incomprehensible. As a result of their unique artistic expression, they can, however, address their admirer from a cultural environment very distant in both time and location from the authentic place of creation. Pottery and jug making on the territory of Slovakia continually accepted various inspirational patterns, later uniquely synthesising them into the characteristic production and artistic complex that we simply refer to nowadays as traditional folk ceramics. With its rare cultural, historical, artistic, aesthetic, production and technical values this multi-layered entirety represents a permanent base for discovery to return to.




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