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Danica Lovišková: The Creative Story of Ilja Holešovský

Faience vessels, 1992Ilja Holešovský is a dominant and marked personality of contemporary ceramic creation in Slovakia. His creative potential oscillates between demanding free and utilitarian creation. Both poles are connected by the author's good technical and technological ability; preciseness of craft and virtuosity; desire and willingness to experiment, to seek the optimal shape and colour expression, to exceed the borders of classical iconography and traditional expression, and to bring new ideas to the ceramic artefact with an emotional and visual dimension. He does not use a potter's wheel but turns instead to either the centuries old method of shaping clay by hand or by creating the shape of objects using a form. We often find coffee and tea sets, bowls, vases, vessels and drink solitaires in his wide spectrum of utilitarian artefacts, items that make our everyday environment more special with their original shape and expression of colour.




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