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Agáta Žáčková: Glass Is Always Topical

Palo Macho: ObjectFrom a historical point of view, one of the richest traditions in our territory is the production of utilitarian glass in simple, clear shapes with maximum utilitarian features and minimum decoration. The intensive development of glass in Slovakia took place after WWII during the years of industrialization. The creative basis-the design field-was mainly formed in the glass factory at Lednické Rovne. The beginnings and development of artistic glass is strongly connected to the University of Fine Arts in Bratislava, where a department of glass for architecture was created in 1965 led by Mr. V. Cigler. The 1970s and 1980s can be evaluated as an extraordinarily successful period in the development of Slovak glass.The overall development of glass creation in Slovakia can be characterized by two main features - artefacts belonging to the utilitarian and decorative field, and a creation touching the intermedial and conceptual progress of contemporary time. However, there are a wide range of creative principles among these approaches covering larger or smaller scales of work with glass and other materials.




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