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Art smith Vincent Ostradický

by Zora Valentová

Vincent Ostradický from Dolné Orešany is a descendant of a dynasty of smiths: his father, grandfather, father’s brothers, as well as other relatives were all smiths, and his father’s workshop still contains tools that belonged to his grandfather.

Vincent Ostradický was one of the first graduates of the school established by the Centre of Art Crafts in Bratislava, and he worked there until 1998. He participated in the reconstruction of many historical monuments, restored museum objects, and implemented designs by artists and architects. He belongs to the uncompromising followers of the true smith craft, which is nowadays not as common as it used to be. He currently produces in his own workshop at home, devoting his time to the classical smith craft. He cooperates with historical monument restorers to produce and repair the metal elements on historical monuments. He also produces gates, railings and other bigger or smaller exterior and interior objects according to custom orders. His son Ján has also chosen the profession of previous generations of the Ostradický smith dynasty.




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