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Alžbeta Burianová

by Ágnes Schrammová

A young textile artist, Alžbeta Burianová (born 1973) graduated from the University of Art and Industry in Prague. She started work on her first individual exhibition in Bratislava in June 2001 where she presented an overview of her free textile creation and tablecloth sets. She prefers the technique of hand weaving for interior wall and space artefacts. She uses the bobbin lace technique for chamber spatial objects. Her tender woven tablecloth sets are a unique item. She enriched the standard-sized traditional oblong or square tablecloth by a round one created from individual unsewn triangles. They are connected at only one point, creating the possibility to overlap these parts or otherwise combine them. She brings not only the spirit of the Czech textile school to her works (freedom and invention based on perfect craft preparation) but also she is probably inspired subconsciously from the tradition of Slovak folk textile and art craft (weaving, bobbin lace and the tinker’s trade).




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