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Daniela and Miro Mládenkas SO FAR

by Darina Arce

In the spring of this year, an exhibition by two domestic artists, the husband and wife Mládenek team, was opened in a Žilina gallery. Daniela is one of the youngest generation of Slovak art jewellers and a graduate of the University of Fine Arts in Bratislava. She presented a collection of rings, small objects for massaging the hands, jewel cases and brooches at the exhibition. She formed her rings by imbedding various natural materials and elements into polyester. The brooches were created using a combination of natural elements with metal (small pumpkins, fruits, capsules, shells, corals, pearls, etc.).

The prevailing material used in the creations of sculptor and designer Miro Mládenek is wood. Bowls hold a significant place, and here the author enforces the individual differentiation of the used material, its colourfulness, absorption attributes as well as natural destructions. His original solution for processing technology must also be highlighted.




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