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Creation connected to nature

Dušan Benický (born in 1949), a graduate of a Specialist Shepherd School in Záblatie and until 1998 employed in the Agricultural Association, is currently interested in the production of folk culture artifacts. He first expressed himself artistically at a very early age. His creations are influenced by his own professional orientation, with man and animals being his main inspirational sources – in woodcarving as well as glass painting. He has been devoting his talents to this for over 30 years. He very early discovered that the depiction must be felt before, especially if the creator wants to depict the spiritual basis of the object. For Benický, this is the only measurement of a work’s value, regardless of whether it is a picture or a wooden spoon. The unique creations of this author are based on his own unique philosophy on life, which he expresses with an interesting pictorial literary style. Several Slovak galleries have his works, and he also occasionally produces work for ÚĽUV.




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