I would dance, but I’m barefoot!

Exhibition of footwear called, "I would dance…" is a unique presentation of parts of clothing which are rarely talked about. From 16. 5. till 13. 9. 2014, visitors of the ÚĽUV Gallery can familiarize themselves with terms such as „bačkory“, „kolcúny“, „kapce“, „váľanky“, „pantofle“, „omice“, or even „okrutky.“ They will be able to see more than 100 objects gathered from the collections and documents of three different museums.

15.04.2014 Rings in Water 2014

15.04.2014 Two out of eight

30.10.2013 Fragile beauty

15.10.2013 Felt+

01.08.2013 Club Season

16.07.2013 Felt+

28.05.2013 The Paradigm

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