About the festival

The main aim of Craftsmen days ÚĽUV is to support a natural interest in traditions and cultural values, provide a concrete form of national identity and support national consciousness. The organizers try to motivate visitors to wear parts of traditional outfits in order to fill the capital city with even more traditions. This year the Craftsmen days will go back to their roots and focus again on craftsmen. There are over 100 craftsmen expected to attend and perform their skills in crafts. They will be accompanied by folk ensembles, folk bands and instrumentalists. Visitors can also experience dance schools, ÚĽUV workshops, reading room in Radnička, or a wooden carousel. The 23rd year of annual Craftsmen days will focus on blacksmithing. The best smiths from Slovakia will show their skills with iron to visitors at the Primaciálne Square. The cap stone of the festival will be awarding Master of folk art production. This title will be awarded to 6 craftsmen for their merits.

The festival is organized under the auspices of the Minister of Culture of the Slovak Republic Marek Maďarič and the Mayor of The Capital of the Slovak Republic Bratislava Milan Ftáčnik, and it is organized in cooperation with The Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic, The Capital of the Slovak Republic Bratislava, The City District of Bratislava – Stare Mesto and The Bratislava Culture and Information Centre. The festival is included in the program of The Summer of Culture festival Bratislava.