Program of Craftsman days ÚĽUV 2010

Festival organizers have prepared a various program consisting of all-day presentation of traditional crafts production and street workshops for different age groups.
These will be complemented by music concerts of professional and amateur groups: authentic folk music, professional and amateur groups, Soloists / Parties, FS Technik, Creative Dance, Banda, Muzička, Vrbovská Víťazi, Poleno, Trnka / entertainment children's programs.

Art and crafts production, which will be presented at the festival:
chiselling and splitting wood
production of Schist
cast brass bells
pouring metal
pottery production
boots production
harness production
knitting wicker, straw, corn husk
bobbin lace
the weaving loom
painting on glass
decorating gingerbread
production of musical instruments
shepherd dishes production
sheephook production
mugs production
knives production
whips production
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