Craftsmen Days 2009
Slovakia in Bratislava

29 - 30 August 2009

Hviezdoslav Sq. , Rybne Sq., Panská Str., Rudnay Sq., Bratislava City centre

(Roman Hanúsek, blacksmith from Záhorská Bystrica)

All-day program: (10:00 a.m. - 06:00 p.m.)

  • Crafts and productions – Hviezdoslav Square 
    90 traditional crafts and folk productions makers 
    barrel makers, woodcarvers, trough makers, tinkers, smiths, potters, basket makers, cutlers, weavers, tinners, ginger-bread makers,
    shepherds´ cutlery makers, cast bells makers, musical instruments makers, fissile wood makers,  cornhusk and straw products makers, Easter eggs makers, painted glass products makers, bobbin lace makers, fabric makers...
  • School of Crafts for Children - Panská Street (opposite BIBIANA, the International House for Children)
    street creative workshops – moving a potter´s wheel, throwing containers from clay, glass painting, loom weaving, bobbin lace making, containers wire weaving, making cornhusk dolls...
  • Traditional cuisine - Rybné Square
    serving traditional meal “párance” from the village of Pukanec, traditional dessert “štrúdla” from the village of Kozárovce, traditional dessert “trdelník” from the town of Skalica, traditional cheese “oštiepok” made by shepherds, ginger bread
  • Sheltered area – Hviezdoslav Square
    Live museum of house works traditionally made in the villages of Kozárovce and Turá Lúka
    Bezobratři (world music)
    Banda (world music)
    Genuine Folklore Friends (Nitra)
    Multi-instrumentalists Juraj Dufek and Milan Rusko
  • BIBIANA – courtyard area
    Janko Polienko – marionette performance by Nela Dušová
  • Small stage – Rudnay Square
    street marionette theatre Theatro Pimprle, CZ
    Good scissors to you – magical paper clippings making with puppeteer K. Krčmár, SK
    Otto van der Mieden, puppeteer and organ grinder, the Netherlands



ÚĽUV – The Centre for Folk Art Production, Bratislava
BKIS – Bratislava’s Cultural and Information Centre
The City of Bratislava

The festival is organised with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic.

Media partner of the festival:
akzent media, Ltd.