General meeting EFACF

27 - 30 August 2009, Bratislava, Slovak Republic

EFACF General Assembly Bratislava, 2009

Between August 27th and August 30th this year, Bratislava ÚĽUV, Centre for Folk Art Production, will be host of the Meeting of the EFACF member countries.

EFACF – European Folk Art and Craft Federation - was founded in 1972 and its members are non profit organization with a clear aim to promote and work for folk art and craft. The network aims to strengthen contact between craftsmen in European countries in the context of exchange of skills and knowledge. Today the Federation is a network consisting of 11 European organizations in 10 different countries (Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Italy, Spain, Denmark - observatory member). Slovakia, represented by ÚĽUV is EFACF member since 1994.
Every year there is a members meeting in one of the member countries, and every third year the general assembly is held .
This year, as we have already said, the EFACF General Assembly will be held in Center for Folk Art Production ( ÚĽUV) in Bratislava, Slovak Republic.  

Announced members of General Assembly:  

Norway: Tove Gulsvik, Solveig Grinder, Marit Jacobsen
Estonia: Liivi Soova, Liisa Tomasberg, Liina Veskimägi Iliste
Finland: Marketta Luutonen, Anne Ossi
Sweden: Ahlin Kristin , Ahlin Anna, Anne Ludvigsson, Jögge Sundqvist , Celia         
Latvia: Linda Rubena
Austria: Wolfgang Lattacher
Denmark: Inge Lise Andersen
Poland: Anna Filipowicz
Switzerland: Martin Stuessi
Spain: Laura Miguel Baumann
Hungary: Eva Skrabut, Tamás Komjáthi, Gabriella Igyartó
Slovakia: Milan Beljak, Zora Valentová, Alena Rybáriková, Martin Mešša

Time schedule by days: 

27 August 2009 - Thursday
- Arrival of delegates to Bratislava
- Check-in in contracted hotels in the centre of the city

28 August 2009 - Friday
- EFACF General Assembly
- Cocktail

29 August 2009 - Saturday
- Guided visit of the exhibition of folk maiolic in the ÚĽUV Gallery
- Visiting the exhibition „Ten years of the Rings in Water competition“
- Unguided visit to the 2009 Craftsmen Days Bratislava festival
- Reception at the occasion of Master of Folk Art Production Award

30 August 2009 - Sunday
- Departure and transfer to the Bratislava or Vienna airport 





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