Accessibility Statement of the website

Web site is owned by ÚĽUV, Slovakia and created by E-GO s.r.o., Slovakia.

Website is created with effort to make it accessible. Website is designed for easy operation in all browsers (minority and alternate browsers included) and for all handicapped visitors.

Methodology of accessibility

All important rules are met at using these methodologies: WCAG 1.0 (W3C), Blind Friendly Web (CZ), Blind Friendly Web (SK), Pravidlá tvorby prístupného webu (Projekt

Accessibility of website

Text size

Text size is specified in relative units (em). Text size is adjustable at client's side using standard tools of internet browser.


XHTML 1.1 is used for in combination with CSS2. Content is fully separated from visual appearance. Cascade style sheets can be switched off in browser's options without accessibility break.

Website is accessible and usable when browsed using any browser (with XHMTL support), reading devices, PDAs, handy phones and so on.


All pictures have "alt" or "title" filled to describe the content they are including. If no content is included in pictures, "alt" is empty. Website can be operated with pictures switched off.


All colour combinations of content and background are designed to obtain sufficient contrast and to be readable easily for users with visual system malfunction or with perception disorder. Website is fuly usable and accessible with "High contrast" browser option set.

Semantic content with guides

There are "Skip navigation" guides on every subpage to skip directly to content when text browsers or reading devices are used. There is strict semantic formatting of content kept using h1, h2 and h3 tags.

Access Keys

These access keys are usable to navigate the website:

Alt+1 - Home
Alt+S - Sitemap

Other important documents are accessible using these access keys:

Alt+0 (zero) - Accessibility Statement


Hyperlinks are blue coloured. Every hyperlink contains "title" filled.

Opening the links to new window

If hyperlinks points to site opened in new browser window, user is noticed about it in hyperlink definition. JavaScript is used for opening the new windows. 

Links to files and media

If hyperlinks points to file or media, user is noticed in hyperlink definition.

Printing the website

Printing CSS is on website included. All subpages are printable using standard printing tools of browser.

Exceptions of accessibility

Hyperlinks are not undrelined. Colour of visited hyperlinks is not different from non-visited ones.

Contact to webmaster

If you have any question or note about the accessibility or content of this website, please contact the webmaster: send an e-mail to Thank you.  >   > ÚĽUV > Accessibility Statement