What you can find at ÚĽUV institutions

  • library of technical literature and a study archive
  • access to products distributed and marketed under ULUV
  • access to documents and collections of the Museum - open depository
  • help from ULUV designer in product development of traditional craft
  • free consultation for crafsmen in regards to questions of quality of production and focusing of product assortment
  • expertise in the field of sewing traditional clothing
  • mediation of production of costumes
  • interesting courses of crafting for children, youth, and adults
  • traditional craft clubs
  • exhibitions of contemporary artist and design oriented crafters
  • sale of professional publications and magazines R-U-D (Remeslo-Umenie-Dizajn: Craft-Art-Design)
  • sale of traditional folk craft products and the sales of original folk art pieces

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