ÚĽUV’s affiliation with International Organizations


European Federation of Folk Arts and Crafts was founded in 1972. Its mission and statement were built upon the cooperation of European countries, with strong traditional folk art heritage, which began before World War II. Federation members are solely non-profit organizations, whose goal is the protection and promotion or traditional and contemporary crafts.


The World Crafts Council - International was founded in 1964 and is an international, non-governmental, non-profit organization recognized by UNESCO. Its main objective is to empower crafts and their vital roles in cultural and economic life and to promote a sense of community among manufacturers around the world by offering encouragement, help, and advice. World Crafts Council is composed of five major regions of Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America.


ICOM - the International Council of Museums is the only international organization representing the interests of all museums and their affiliated personnel involved. Since 1946, it has been helping its members fulfill their missions in the field of conservation, protection, and dissemination of Cultural Heritage. It currently has more than 30,000 members in 137 countries of the world.


OIDFA- The international organization of bobbin lace and the lace sewing was founded in 1982 and currently hosts lace making masters from more than 35 countries. The organization's activities have international scope, aiming to promote, maintain, and further develop traditional lace making.


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