Other activities of ÚĽUV

ULUV's main purpose is to conserve, document, and promote the knowledge, skills, processes, and aesthetic patterns (arising from the use of natural materials) of folk art productions and by doing so, thus preserving them for future generations.

ÚĽUV is a contributory organization of the Ministry of Culture, established by the Act no. 4/58 Coll. It has developed a broad complex of activities:

  • monitors the birth of traditional folk art production in Slovakia
  • documents the current state of all forms of folk art production
  • maintains an active database of folk craft producers
  • manages the collection of folk art products
  • encourages the creation of new productions for craftsmen
  • evaluates the quality of craft exhibits
  • provides free expert advice to craftsmen and general public
  • educates and organizes interest rates Craft
  • promotes the scores of talented masters, crafters, and artists
  • presents to the public its own exhibitions and publications
  • links producers with market opportunities
  • provides information about all associated processes of folk art production to the public

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